What are the 2024 age ranges?

T-Ball — Must be 4 years old by 4/1/2024 (Birth Years 2018, 2019 and 2020)

Explorers — 1st and 2nd Grade (Birth Years 2016 and 2017)

Minors — 3rd and 4th Grade (Birth Years 2014-2015)

Junior Varsity — 5th and 6th Grade (Birth Years 2012-2013)

Varsity — 7th and 8th Grade (Birth Years 2010-2011)

How much does it cost?

Playing for the 68th Precinct is one of the most affordable full-season intramural league experiences in all of Brooklyn.

T-Ball —$160
Explorers — $185
Minors — $220*
JV — $220*
Varsity — $220*

Uniforms are included.

*Minors, Junior Varsity and Varsity registrations received after March 15th require a late fee of $50. The late fee is being imposed due to the additional processing that needs to be done after our initial line-up is finalized.

Who are we?

We are an all-volunteer, non profit youth organization who has been serving the youth of Bay Ridge Brooklyn and surrounding areas since 1955. While we are under the umbrella and supported by the 68th Precinct of the NYPD, our coaches, volunteers and board members come from all walks of life.

All of our coaches and volunteers fill out background-check paperwork. All teams have an AED/CPR certified member of the coaching staff.

Where do we play?

Our home fields are the Frank Schnurr Ballfields, located in Shore Road Park at 83rd Street, across from Fort Hamilton High School.

They are real grass with true baseball clay infields and fenced-in dugouts. We work tirelessly to maintain them to provide our ballplayers with some of the best facilities to play on in the borough. We have picnic tables under canopies for the spectators, a concession stand and restroom access. Our fields offer a breathtaking view and more than enough parking for your convenience.

One field is dedicated to the younger ballplayers in our instructional Tball and Explorers (Coach Pitch) divisions. This field has shorter and narrow, well-defined basepaths that are perfect for teaching the fundamentals of baserunning to young players. All games and practices for these divisions take place on this field. In the Explorers division, where we play in Bay Ridge Little League against other organizations, we host the entire league on our field because no other organization has a field that is so perfectly suited to these age groups.

The larger field at our facility is where Minors and Junior Varsity games are held. We are extremely proud of our Electronic Scoreboard in Center Field, dedicated to Charley Eichler who played in our inaugural 1955 season, and still volunteers at our concession stand. Between that and advertising banners from our generous sponsors, our young ballplayers get to play in a professional atmosphere that is unrivaled in the entire borough.

We also hold permits for other fields in the neighborhood for practices and Varsity, whose field dimensions are too large for our fields.

Because Minors, JV and Varsity play in Bay Ridge Little League against other organizations, games can take place at other ballfields, all in Bay Ridge, the majority of which are also located in Shore Road Park.

When do we play?

The regular season begins early to mid-April, depending upon how Spring Break falls, and runs through mid-June. Playoffs are over before the last day of the Catholic School Year. This is because Bay Ridge Little League is run out of St. Anselm’s.

Tball games take place on Sundays. Generally, these are all 68PCTYC teams, with other organizations occasionally joining. Depending upon the amount of teams in the division, there are generally 4 to 6 games per day, beginning at 9AM. Game times for individual teams will vary from week to week depending upon each individual team’s schedule. This is an instructional division. Scores and standings are not kept.

We also hold an optional weeknight Clinic/Practice for all ballplayers in that division. That time slot will be determined according to coach and field availability once teams, rosters and coaching staff are finalized.

Explorers Division games take place on Saturdays. This division plays against other organizations. Time slots begin at 9AM and go on through the afternoon. That schedule is done by Bay Ridge Little League (BRLL). Each Explorers team has a mandatory weeknight practice. This time slot remains constant throughout the week. The actual day and time of each individual team’s practice will be determined according to coach and field availability once teams, rosters and coaching staff are finalized. This is also an instructional division. Scores and standings are not kept.

Minors, JV and Varsity Divisions all play in BRLL. The league makes that schedule, not 68PCTYC. We DO NOT have control over this. Games may be scheduled for any day of the week. They can be scheduled on any field that the league has permits for. Scheduling is a massive undertaking. There are many factors such as an open, size-appropriate field, umpires, 2 available teams, rest days between games, etc. that go into creating these schedules. While we can make requests, due to the factors above the league is not able to make changes, expect in rare circumstances. BRLL will generally release the first week or 2 of the regular season schedule, make sure that all teams are solidified, and then release the remainder of the schedule. This is the way it done every year. We understand the busy lives of families and players schedules, and our desire to plan in advance, so we appreciate your understanding that the schedules roll in the way described above every year.

In general, each team has a set weekly practice schedule. Once the season begins, this may change due to the game schedule. For example, if a team practices regularly on Wednesday afternoons and they end up with a game scheduled on a Wednesday, the coach may opt to schedule that weeks practice on a Monday or a Tuesday.

Games take precedence over a practice when it comes to securing a field. This is why we apply for permits at other fields in the neighborhood. The league may schedule a make-up game at the last minute. That game will take priority over the practice. The practice may be moved to another location or time.